WW is reborn…

What an exciting way to start the year by rebranding our production company Hulahoop Films to the new WW.

2014 marks the beginning of WW… run by Janneke Williamson and Rory Williamson. We have some really exciting projects coming up this year and we can’t wait to share them with you.

WW is an all encompassing company that can tackle it all. We have brilliant contacts throughout the industry who enjoy working with us. A happy environment makes  for a productive group and that shows on the screen. However small, absurd, silly, grand or seemly unachievable  your vision may seem, believe us when we say – it is all very possible. We will make it happen at WW. Give us a call.

Rory is mid way through producing “That Sugar Film” a feature documentary, being distributed by Madman Entertainment. The film sends out an important message for the next generation and lets us in on a few truths about fructose and the companies that have build their empires on it. Some major Australian stars have come onboard, many many thanks to them. We are hoping for an August 2014 release.

Also check out Janneke’s wonderful new project at www.mothernourish.org. …yummy! Or follow her project on Instagram: www.instagram.com/mothernourish

In other news our son B broke the 12kg barrier at age 10.5 months, thats more than a kilo a month!… too much mother nourish me thinks??